Sitting Room / Library

During the time of Hazrat Moazzam (RTA') sitting room was not so extensive. Hazrat e Aala extend it keeping in view the exigency. This extensive and spacious sitting hall is also used as a Library.

About the construction of the mosque, Hazrat A’ala always expresses wonder that there were no special devices to ascertain the direction of prayer during that age; nor did there exist modern formulas like nowadays, even then the direction set by Hazrat Moazam is accurate even according to the modern devices.

The love for books was inherited to Hazrat Moazzam, because this affection in fact belonged to your worthy father Hazrat Qazi Fairoz Din Sahib.

It is mentioned in "Hayat e Sadria" that in order to incline his promising son Qazi Sadar-ud-Din towards studies and contemplation, Hazrat Qazi Fairoz Din Sahib took him one day in front of Book-Racks  opened it and said, "Qazi look here what a big treasury of books, is this most of these books are almost unavailable. Qazi I set a side my important demands and saved each single penny to collect this huge treasury, this is all that i gained in life. If you studied heartily and gained education, these books are precious diamonds for you and if u did not take interest in acquireing education, this terasury of books will be heap of ashes for you. Now it is upto you that what is your choice".

It shows that Qazi Fairoz din Sahib was very fond of collecting the books. That is why he ignored his fundamental requirements and purchased books from the saving.

Then Hazrat Moazzam fully attributed to this repleted Treasury and the present successor Hazrat e Aala has also continued this tradition. That is why this library is being enhanced day by day. Recently the brother in law of Hazrat e Aala, Qazi Saif-ud-Din and Muhammad Shabbir the son of Late Bashir Sahib have arranged it in a modern style and is being set in order in computerised manner.

Schedule regarding the sittings of Hazrat e Aala is posted on wall near the door of sitting hall. First sitting is 11:30 am to 1:10 pm. In this sitting, guests are daily served with tea including biscuits, sweets etc.

The sitting on Sunday is held in Masjid from 12:00 to 1:00 pm consisting of Khatam e Ghosia, recitation of Holy Quran with translation, praise of the Holy Prophet SAWW and extempore speech of Hazrat e Aala. Meal is served after this gathering. This programme is particularly arranged for the Govt, Servents who can not attend the speach of Hazrat e Aala due to service duties.

2nd sitting is after Asar prayer your goodself stay in the masjid for some time and then go Inside the home as per routine of Hazrat Moazzam.

3rd sitting is after Isha Prayer for about 1,1/2 hour and guests are served with delicious Green tea during this Period.