Shrine Of Hazrat Muazzam (RTA)

The shrine of Hazrat Mohazzam is towards north of the mosque and one room situated in west of the mosque adjacent to the shrine is for reading and learning Quran Majeed by the students. From this room the sweet voice of Holy Quran Majeed is being heard in the shrine of Hazrat Moazzam, where any sort of activity which is against the teachings of Islam is strictly prohibited. Quran Majeed are available lying in the shrine. Any one who wants can read it, pray before the God and feels wonderful satisfaction.



O-My God keep this monastery flourishing for ever

To assemble the drunkards of divine wine.

As a favour of Abu Saad Ahmed Khan the spiritual teacher of Sadrul-Aaulya

This splendid public house has been brought into existence by Sadrul-Aaulya.


The place where my torn skirt was sewed.

The place where bud of my hoipes turned into bloom.

The place where I received what ever I desired.

The place where generosity is in its full swing

That is the holy shrine of Hazrat Mohazzam.