Madrassa Rebbania

( School Of The Preserver Of World )

Madrassa Rebbania School of the Preserver of World As a matter of fact hazrat Moazzam was himself a great scholar and had learnt the knowledge from schools of religious thoughts. Therefore he laid foundation of a school named “madrassa rabbania”. Hazrat Moazzam had great regard for the students and paid due attention to give them respect, comfort and all sort of facilities. Student got their meals from common mess and the same routine is still in practice. Usually meat is cooked. It was the instruction of hazrat mozzam that student s should be given their meal before the guests were served. Hazrat moazzam also did not like to get labour out of the students. Yousaf sahib of TIP stated that once gravels for the mosque was brought in a truck but unloaded outside along the road and gone away. The material was to be brought inside. Hence your good self-told him. Yousaf come on let us search some labour from Warehouse”. The Warehouse was near khanqah shareef belonging to the govt for storage of grain, where labour was available for loading/unloading of the grain bags. Yousaf sahib accompanied and your goodself asked person about labour who said, “Sir you have got huge number of the students what for you need the labour”. Yourgoodself addressed him that his reply was not correct, students come to achieve religious knowledge and not for labour work. Every year in the month on shaaban(شعبان) students avail vacations. Some students who learn quran and commit it to memory when go on leave are given suits cloth with labour charges personally by Hazarat Aala(Qazi Abdud Daim). Students come back after Eid.