Guest House

A room of the guesthouse is the residence of the nazim  for the khanqah, who has been deployed on serving the guests with stay and food facilities day and night. Such is the system of langar (لنگر) that the dishes which are not available to people at home they are served here. At some places, there is kept a distinction between the commoners and aristocrats. Here, the highborn and lowborn eat the same food. At the eve of Urs-e-Mu’azam, millions are spent only on food, which is arranged by the well-off fellows. The amazing thing is that not even a single penny is accepted from the government for the madrasah and langar.

Adjacent to the room of the nazim  for the Khanqah is the spacious sitting room for the sheikh. Following the sitting room are rooms for the stay of guests, close to which is an excellent and modern system of washrooms and bathrooms.